Truthful Tuesday – July 13

The prompt from Frank, at PC Guy, today was, “What was your favorite holiday treat as a child?”

It is 11:45 and I really want to get in a prompt on time. Can I make it?

This is actually a fairly easy question for me to answer. It has to be latkes and homemade applesauce. My mom made amazing latkes. She saved them for Chanukah time and I drooled waiting for them. As an adult my brother made fantastic ones also. The problem with his was that he added onions, which I am allergic to.

For too many year, mine were more like hockey pucks.  Over the years I have improved greatly. But truth be told, mine are never as good as mom made. 

The other traditional holiday food my mom made was blintzes. She would make these for me almost any time I asked, even if it was not a holiday. I asked A LOT. I am much better at making blintzes than latkes. I do get nostalgic every time I make them though. I still miss my mom.   

The holiday meal I feel I excel in making is Thanksgiving. I love the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the stuffing, the chocolate brownies, the pumpkin pie, the fresh veggies, the rolls, all of it. 

I miss my mom, my aunt, and my uncle, being a huge part of my dinner company. It’s not the same anymore. It never will be again. I choose to remember them, and to be so grateful for all the wonderful holidays we spent together. 





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