July 13- Tree Squares

Becky has many different interpretations of July Tree Squares. For the most part I have stayed in my own yard.  To participate in her round up, one needs to make sure the photo entry is in the shape of a square.

This queen palm top is evidence of my naivete when it comes to palm trees. When the worker chose the palms and planted them, I had no idea of how quickly they would grow. This one is too close to the power lines. The city sends the electric company to come cut the branches near the high voltage lines. Typically, when they came to trim the mandatory ones, the trimmers would ask me if I wanted them to trim the other branches and the other palm tree. I would usually say yes because they did a great job. They were however subcontracting for the electric company and seeing as how they wanted cash for the extra work, I assumed it was an illegal act on their part.  After a few years of the same workers coming and trimming my palm trees, this year there were new guys. At no time did they ask about, or offer, to trim the extra palm fronds. I don’t know if the first guys got in trouble, or just went on a different route. It does mean I need to get someone out to trim my palm trees. 


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