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Melanie is the hostess of Share Your World. She states, “Okay we’re flipping things over this week with three rather silly questions and one philosophical one.”

1) What would be much better if you could just change the color of it? If everyone’s hair was gray from day one, it would no longer be attached to the idea of an aged person with less value to the world.

2) Do You Think Cats Have Any Regrets? Having had many cats as a kid, I doubt it.

3) Do you ever count your steps when you walk? I am unclear as to why anyone would do this.

4) Is there a supreme power?  (you choose over what, and please be respectful)
I swear there ain’t no heaven and I pray there ain’t no hell.

GRATITUDE: Please feel free to share some gratitude with everyone! 

I am grateful for strong intelligent women who want/wanted the best for all people.

Last week I read Melanie’s questions, but I don’t believe I answered the. Sometimers is effecting me right now.

QUESTIONS: Serious Ones with One Silly One
1) Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance? Mother Nature likes order, but sometimes we humans see it as chaos.

2) What is infinity? The impossible to quantify

3) Does observation alter an event? Absolutely, just watch 6th graders doing a lab experiment in science class.

4) Do you like balloons?   I like to see them. I do not like to hear them being scratched or popped.

GRATITUDE SECTION (as always optional) Yesterday was America’s Birthday, does your country celebrate a “Founder’s Day” or other traditions like that?

Seeing as how I am an American, I liked celebrating July 4th in my youth. Now, I am worried non-stop about the effect fireworks have on Annie. She is petrified of them. The neighborhood (in which it is illegal to light fireworks) and surrounding area were popping for over 48 hours straight. 😦 




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  1. Thank you Lauren for Sharing Your World! My sympathies about Annie. Ziggy has similar issues with noise, so I got him some doggy tranquilizers from the vet, which help (although they totally zonk him out). This year I just turned up the volume on the TV and ran my floor fan for background noise, and he didn’t even turn a hair. I hope you find a good solution for your lovely girl! No dog should have to suffer like that! Thanks for doing both sets of questions, we all get ‘sometimers’ sometimes… LOL Wonderful music, and I actually did think of that song as I was putting the question out there! Great minds think alike, hmm? Have a wonderful and peaceful week!

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    1. I was told I could give her one Benadryl, which I did. It did nothing to help. I tried 2 drops of CBD, nothing. I think next year I will ask the vet for tranquilizers. Sadly they are still randomly going off every night a few times.


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