The Laundry Monster

I am not sure how many others have to deal with a laundry monster, but I sure do. I am astonished by how much laundry accumulates in my house. I haven’t decided if we are the dirtiest people around or the cleanest. The deluge of laundry in my garage is overwhelming. The monster takes glee in multiplying my pile.

Dirty laundry is my nemesis . I try and try to stay on top of the pile in the laundry bucket. I don’t like to delay doing laundry because I am convinced that it grows in my absence. There must be short rotund tomte sneaking around my house dirtying linens and clothes.  I fold one load, while I wait for the end cycle signal to tell me the next load is dry. Then, I repeat the process again and again. When will it end?

It makes me feel inadequate when the laundry basket is never empty. I see it as a sign that the laundry monster is winning the battle. Perhaps I can figure out why I am being targeted by the silvery haired trickster.

If I am fortunate, the Medium I contacted will come to my house and slyly convince the tomte to vacate my premises. I hope to exclaim to the world that I am all caught up (at least for two days.)

Written for:
Daily Word Prompt- astonish
Ragtag Daily Prompt- deluge – nemesis –
Three Things Challenge – try – dry – why – sly
The Daily Spur – delay – signal – medium
Your Daily Word Prompt – rotund – while
FOWC – repeat – inadequate
Weekly Prompt – sign
Word of the Day Challenge – silvery
MMA Word of the Day – fortunate – exclaim


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