Blogging Insights

Dr. Tanya is the host of blogging insights. I enjoy answering when her questions spark a quick response in my head.  Her questions today:

1) How committed are you to your blog? I try to write every day on my blog. It is  good for my  mental well-being and happiness. I can tell by what I write how I am feeling emotionally.
 20 What part, if any, do other bloggers play in your level of commitment? I don’t think most know if I am here or not. I will admit that when I return from a short hiatus and someone mentions they missed me, it makes me feel good.  I worry when those I follow haven’t written in awhile. When 2 people reached out to me when I was in the throughs of an especially  difficult family drama, it helped me want to return to this world of kind caring people.



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