First Line Friday

Dylan is the host of First Line Friday over at MindloveMisery’s Menagerie.
“Your line for this week is: I am the monster of every story.” 

It’s fiction time for where my brain went on this prompt.

I am the monster of every story. It matters not what I do, or say. The result is still the same. I married the man of my dreams. He had a former family and they are still angry some ten years later that he has remarried.

When one of the grandkids doesn’t want to come for a visit, they blame me. (It doesn’t matter that the teens don’t want to visit anyone.)  When the former spouse has financial trouble, they blame me. (Even though they know she gambles away all her money.) When  my husband buys me a gift, they get angry and blame me. (They think he should only buy gifts for them.) When my spouse doesn’t want to change our plans to suit their whims at a moment’s notice, they blame me. (It doesn’t matter to them if we have theater tickets or not.) When the ex-wife sits for the grandkids, they call me selfish because I am not there. (Not that they’d let me anyway.) When they see that my spouse is having emotional problems, they blame me. (They can’t see that they are the cause of most of his problems.) When one of his kids gets angry at the other, they blame me. (Even though they can’t be in the same room for more than 6 hours without fighting.)   

It has gotten to the point that whenever my spouse makes a decision that upsets the family, I just tell him to blame it on me. After all, I am the monster of every story.


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  1. Been here…………. and got out, though it took me almost 8 years and at least we didn’t marry. Thankfully the only one I cared about not to blame me sought me out after I’d left….. and didn’t.

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