Truthful Tuesday – June 28

Truthful Tuesday

It’s time for Truthful Tuesday. Frank asks: “Whether tossing a pinch of salt over your shoulder or not walking under ladders, and whether you believe in the superstition or not, what superstition, if any, do you still observe?”

I can’t say that I am superstitious about many things. I have never been one to throw salt over my shoulder, say that if a spoon drops company is coming, believe that is my palm itches money is coming, worry about breaking a mirror, stress about opening an umbrella inside, or walking under a ladder.

In fact, I have a giant ladder outside that’s been there for months. I need to paint the outside of my balcony wall. I haven’t been physically up to it so there sits the ladder. I walk under it daily with no fear or worry.   

I do however, say knock on wood if I state something I want to happen. I do say Bless You whenever someone sneezes. I don’t think something will happen if I don’t say those phrases, they are just a part of my upbringing. 


5 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday – June 28

  1. It’s strange with regards the sneezing one, because there was a time when saying ‘Bless you’ was considered wrong. This was due to the plague – when saying ‘bless you ‘ after someone sneezed who was infected could have meant when you opened your mouth to utter the blessing, the germs could have hopped in and cursed you.

    Yet if we don’t say it today when someone sneezes, it is considered rude.

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