Three Things Challenge

Di gives us three words each evening (my time) as a prompt to write a blog. I like using her words along with prompts from other sites for the pure fun of it. I promised myself I would write a blog today and I only have an hour to do so. So a Q&D for tonight.

Your three things today are:  SPOUSE   SLAP   DIARY

When I met my first spouse, we lived three houses away from each other. We were both teens. He went into the military reserves and came back more a man than a little kid, or so I thought. We started dating and after a year or so, became engaged. I made it perfectly clear that if he ever laid a hand on me I would end the relationship immediately. Unfortunately, I witnessed my mom being slapped by her husbands too many times. I started a diary as a pre-teen like most girls my age. I kept a long list of things I wanted, and more importantly, things I would not tolerate in a spouse. Drinking alcohol was number one and physical abuse was number two on my list of H**L NO.