Truthful Tuesday

Truthful Tuesday

Regardless of the media, when it comes to stories, do you prefer those that are perfectly sequential in their writing, such as the seven original Harry Potter books or Frank Herbert’s Dune series, or do you find stories that skip around in the timeline, such as the nine central Star Wars films to be more entertaining?

I also must say that it depends on the story. Years ago I purchased a series with seven books in it. The story skipped around generationally and it confused the bejabbers out of me. Each book went forward and back crossing over things that had happened before and after the previous novel. There was a forward in each book with a cheat sheet of characters and how they were intertwined. It didn’t help much. I finally gave up on the series after the fourth one. I kept them for years hoping to return to them at some point. I never did read them all. I ended up donating them to a non-profit book store.

I loved the Harry Potter series. I liked that it was year after year of Harry’s school years. I watched all the Star Wars Movies. Truthfully, I was less than impressed with each movie after the first. I can’t say stories that go back and forth are always the most entertaining to me. 


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  1. I feel the same and I’d rather they didn’t jump around from some year in the past, back to the present, back & forth like that. Also when one chapter is one person’s experience, then the next is another character’s view of the same situation.
    I give up on books that are too confusing! 🙂

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