SoCS – Life on Gilligan’s Island

Linda Hill is the host of SoCS. This week she has given us multiple prompt options. 
The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hat/het/hit/hot/hut.” Choose one, choose ’em all, put ’em in your post. Enjoy!

The provided words for this week sent my brain immediately to Gilligan’s Island. I remember all the sophisticated huts the survivors supposedly made from the items found on the island. It would have taken years and years to create the way they lived. It was so far-fetched; it made the show less enjoyable. The island should have been way hotter in the summer than they depicted. There seemed to be no change in weather. If I were given a nickel for every time the skipper hit Gilligan on the head, I’d probably be rich.  It was a silly show and I am a little surprised it lasted so long. 


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  1. One of several stupid shows of that time. Still it remains the golden age of TV compared to the tripe that passes for entertainment on todays TV, especially the shows that claim to be ‘reality’.

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