When is Reading Not Reading?

Frank aka PCGuyIV is the host for Truthful Tuesdays. He is looking for us to answer truthfully to his posted question. This week the question is: Aside from those with physical limitations that would impair their ability to actually read, does listening to audio books count as actually reading in your mind? Why or why not?

If you are talking semantics, then no, audio books do not qualify as “reading.” Putting that aside though, my purpose for “reading” is the enjoyment of absorbing what other people have written. There are times and places for each type of reading. I do enjoy the emotional connection between holding and reading an actual book.

My eyes are declining in the ability to read a book for long periods. I had radial keratotomy surgery in 1996. I had no idea that it was not a permanent fix to my coke bottle corrective lenses. According to my eye doc the deterioration will continue. It is a scary concept.

All that aside, my new iPad allows me to enlarge the print size. That is no less reading, than an actual book. I do enjoy audio books too. I wish I could have access to more audio books. As my purpose is to drink in other’s writing, it doesn’t matter to me how I get to do that.


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9 thoughts on “When is Reading Not Reading?

  1. This is interesting food for thought, Lauren. Thanks for sharing your take on it. Some people might see it as splitting hairs, but a couple of decades working with strategic communications has made me extremely conscious of the different ways in which we define things. So I really did find this interesting, in several ways. Hugs on the wing!

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  2. It’s definitely discouraging to have declining eyesight. But remarkable to live in an age that we can enlarge the type and images on our devices… I’m grateful for that.

    I’m definitely in the “listening to an audio book is not reading” camp! I haven’t got into the habit of listening to audio books, but I enjoy listening to podcasts of all sorts.

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