dVerse Poetry – Exploring the Realm of Minimalist Photography

Sanaa at dVerse Poets Pub 
Glenn Buttkus gave The Red Door as one of the minimalist photo options.  The accompanying prose, “The imposing red door towered above me, and it had no handle, opening only from the inside,” gave me some thought. I saw the image as one of restriction. It felt to me, that the photo was separating two worlds. A person was being left out of where they wanted to be.

I can’t see it all
I have a limited view
Locked behind the door
Never to know what’s out there
I yearn to explore
Experience the outside
It’s been way too long
An unplanned ban from freelance
I crave my independence


21 thoughts on “dVerse Poetry – Exploring the Realm of Minimalist Photography

  1. A very creative peek behind the red door, highlighting that and whom we cannot see. We all tire of confinement, as Covid has taught has taught us.

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  2. This is oh so poignant and timely! Hopefully we will emerge victorious in the near future and Covid will cease. Thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💝💝

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