Rory’s 24 Hour Blog Question

Rory’s 24 hour Blog Question this week is sure to have lots of replies.

Do we still care enough for people in today’s society or have we become an uncaring society only looking out for ourselves?’

Sadly, most people seem to be out for just themselves. The people I usually run into don’t even use polite manners. I had a nail in my tire and yesterday I had to go to the tire shop to get it repaired. The mechanic repaired my tire and checked the air in all the other tires as well. I thanked him and he seemed shocked to receive a compliment. He walked away with a smile. How easy is it to just be kind to each other?

12 thoughts on “Rory’s 24 Hour Blog Question

  1. Hey Lauren, l think people have forgotten politeness. I have seen community spirit dwindle since Covid has struck and sadly many people have used the inclusions and isolations to either become hostile or rude. This is not trying to tar everyone with the same brushstroke – but l have seen some very negative attributes from people.

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