Truthful Tuesday – Wait Time


Frank, aka PCGuy, brings us Truthful Tuesday.
Today Frank asks: “Doctor and dental offices are notorious for not getting to you at your scheduled appointment time. In such situations, how patient are you when it comes to waiting?”

My dentist’s office is extremely punctual and always has been. I don’t think I have ever waited more than 5 minutes past my scheduled appointment. My doctor’s office (GP) on the other hand is a different story. I saw the same doc for over thirty years. She was amazing. She gave her patients time and answered all their questions. I never minded waiting, even over an hour to see her. I knew the wait was because she cared so much for all her patients. How could I be angry at her giving attention to those in need. I took a book with with me, and later my phone to play games. There was terrible service in the building so solitaire used up my wait time. The new doc is much better about time management. She is young and does her best to follow the corporate line. I rarely wait long. That being said, she often tries to give me a rush job when I get in to see her. It is frustrating when she tells me we have to move it along if i have not finished with my real concerns. As a member of the “over 60 group”, with numerous serious ailments, I often need more than the 10 minutes she has allowed for the visit. I am not typically a pushy broad, but… If I waited for an extended time to get an appt with the doc and not the much sooner appt with a PA or NP, I expect to be able to voice all of my serious concerns. I rarely go to the doc unless I need real help. I would rather wait for an excellent doctor, than be rushed by one who follows the medical group mandated time allotment.   

I rarely wait at my acupuncturist /chiropractor appt. He has his practice down to a science. (pun intended) I would wait for a very long time when seeing the specialist I was seeing for 2 years. Again, I would not have cared if it was because of helping others. Being a patient who cannot have the door closed when alone in a room (claustrophobia) I would often hear the doc and nurses chatting about non medical things instead of seeing patients. That irked me to no end. My first rheumatologist was an egomaniac and liked to spend more time talking about how renowned he was than listening to patients. I had zero patience for his lack of time management and dropped him fairly quickly. My second rheumatologist was often late, but not horribly late. Again, I knew she was spending quality time with people who had serious problems.

I guess the bottom line for me is that if the doctor is behind time wise because they are caring for others and not jsut overbooked, I am OK to wait my turn.



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  1. You’ve got a very valid point. If the wait is because the doctor is caring for others and doing their best to make them comfortable, then it’s worth it. But if it’s because of any other reason, it’s hard to be patient.

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