5 Things Tuesday – Not My Favorites

Dr. Tanya 
has thrown us a happy curve ball this week.
“This week, instead of asking you to name things you love, I want you to list food fads trends that you hate.”:

I have to “borrow” two of Tanya’s answers because they immediately came to mind for me also. I agree with a third, but it was not on my list right away. (I don’t care for soggy cake either.)

1) Almond Milk / Soy Milk – I have, regrettably, tried almond milk and other alternate milks. NO THANK YOU. I need to avoid soy at all costs so soy milk doesn’t cross my lips.  

2) Green Drinks – I am of the opinion that green does not belong in a drink. I will never understand people waiting in a line to get a shot of cow food, aka wheatgrass. (Sorry, not sorry)

3) Brussel sprouts – I have friends that love those little balls of poison. Being a good friend I have tried them again and again. I will not eat them on a boat, I will not eat them with a goat. I will not eat them Sam, I am.

4) tilapia – I know it was all the rage at restaurants before the pandemic. To that I say, no thank you. I am not a fish eater anyway, but this fish is especially yucky. This article sums it up well. After reading this article everyone should swear off tilapia.

5) Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos, etc.- I do not care for the processed junk food chips enjoyed by most people. When there are many ingredients I can’t pronounce, I know it is a no no. If I feel like a crunchy snack it is a two ingredient bag of potato chips. My taste buds and my intestinal track are OK with those.


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