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Linda is the host of SoCS. I am late, by a couple of days. 

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “yarn.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

My first go to for the prompt is all the yarn my mom collected. She made lap quilts for Veterans, baby hats for preemies in the hospital, and of course afghans for all the family members. Before her passing, she asked me to collect all her yarn from the house and make sure it was donated to the senior group she started in her complex. I did so and was very glad to fulfill her wishes. 

My second thought on the subject is the “yarn” kids like to tell. After all my teaching years I can remember hearing many a tall tale, funny yarn, exaggeration of the truth etc. 

I myself, am in the mood to tell a good yarn as to why I haven’t blogged regularly lately. I could tell the long drawn out story of the medical concerns for my grandson. The truth often seems stranger than fiction. The fact that he has been asked to give permission to being included in a medical case study indicates the rarity of his circumstances. Happily he is out of the hospital and dealing with the emotional aftermath. 

I could spin the truthful yarn about how I am downsizing my collection of scrapbooks and so I ordered the entire series of Psyche to watch/listen to while I go through and edit page by page. I got so hooked on watching the DVDs that last night I binge watched the series all night. I fed Annie at 6, went shopping, and returned home by 8 AM to finally go to sleep.   

I could attempt to explain that the day before I did absolutely nothing because I was so physically and emotionally stressed out. 

I do my best to avoid the news because the only connection I feel there is sadness, frustration, and anger. I know blogging is good for me. It connects me to the kinder outside world. Blogging allows me to read about what others are thinking, feeling, and creating.   

My brain is in need of more joy.



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