Fibbing Friday – Proverbs

It’s D’s turn to give us the prompts for this weeks, Fibbing Friday.

We are challenged to respond to the proverbs with our favorite lies. Di says, “Complete the following popular proverbs or sayings in your own personal style please!”

1. A stitch in time saves your underwear from falling down.

2. Too many cooks begin their careers at McDonalds.

3. Many hands make great bulletin boards.

4. A bird in the hand comes with great gifts.

5. Actions speak louder with stunts.

6. All that glitters is difficult to clean up.

7. People in glass houses have high drapery costs.

8. Fools rush in before the cookies are finished cooking.

9. Don’t count your chickens while holding their feed.

10. Give them an inch of a haircut at a time.


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