dVerse Quadrille – Curiosity

De Jackson  at WhimsyGizmo is the host today at dVerse Poets Pub.   It’s Quadrille Monday and the challenge is to create a 44-word poem using the word (or encompassing the concept of) Curiosity.

Both dogs instinctively knew
they were being given the chance
for a wonderful future. 

They would have food, water,
and the love they had craved all their lives.

Their curiosity about each other
held the one unanswered question.

Would they be friends or enemies?

19 thoughts on “dVerse Quadrille – Curiosity

    1. I was thinking springer spaniels also, Helen. I’m in doggy care and had a wonderful springer spaniel “friend” but am now watching a new client, a Brittany spaniel/dachshund mix, if you can imagine that.

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  1. Aww, I’m glad they ended up friends. For me, I feel this fear if I ever bring home a new cat. It’s almost 50/50 if they’ll be friends or enemies. Best case they just exist in this weird realm with each other in peace lol. Cats are catty.

    Love this, though. We never dig enough into the animal’s perspective or their own insecurities and curiosities. Brilliantly penned!

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