Recliner Therapy

My doc recommended that I not bend my back any more than necessary. That meant that my recliner was where I spent most of the day. I decided to avail myself of the reclined position to not do more harm to my body. I walked around watering my yard for some of the day, but resisted doing any chores.

My hiatus from the blogging world was unexpected. I made the decision today to spend my time reading blogs. I would be mendacious if I were to say that catching up on the blogs I missed, was easy. I ended up reading for over six hours. I had to search for the blogs I hadn’t read. My Reader was full of posts.

Why isn’t there an “unread” button to find the blogs I typically follow?

Your Daily Word Prompt:  avail
The Daily Spur: decision
Word Of The Day Challenge: mendacious
FOWC: search


11 thoughts on “Recliner Therapy

  1. I hope your recliner therapy worked and you feel better.
    It is hard to play catch up on reading. I only get email notices, so they are always there to find those I haven’t read. But sometimes it’s so many, even though I want to read them all, I just have to start over, too. 🙂

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