Fibbing Friday – Medical Style

It’s Frank’s turn to give us our Fibbing Friday assignment. Hop over to to see the rules.
 “This week, rather than specific questions to answer, I have a bunch of medical and anatomical words that need definitions. Obviously, those need to be definitions that you won’t find in any dictionary or textbook. Have fun!”

1. sphincter – a splinter you get when you use the toilet

2. phalanges – the replacement parts they use when you get a knee transplant

3. rectum –  the room at the back of the hospital where people recover from their colonoscopy

4.  varicose – the various color coded tubes of blood taken from a patient

5. aorta – the position doctors take after heart transplant surgery
6. vein – the word plastic surgeons use to describe the lines they draw on patients

7. artery – the clogged corridors with too many patients
8. alveolus – a race to get to the operating room

9. bacteria – the acne that shows up on the back

10. virus – doctors singing about not throwing away your shot



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