dVerse Poetry – Tomorrow is Another Day

For today’ Poetics Challenge at dVerse Poets, Mish provides us with some famous cinema quotes and invites us to select one & incorporate it into our work. I’ve chosen…
“After all, tomorrow is another day.” – Gone with the Wind, 1932

I am not forgotten
Forgotten would be so sad

I am still here
Still moving forward
Still trying my best

I’ve been away, far, far away
Away from my norm
Away from my happy place
Away from what feeds my soul

I have dealt with much lately
Dealt with physical pain
Dealt with emotional pain
Dealt with family traumas
Dealt with family dramas

I am moving forward
Moving my body toward health
Moving my head toward calm
Moving my emotional state toward happiness
Moving my eyes away from the world’s drama
Moving my heart toward those who care

I want to celebrate this next trip around the sun
Celebrate with the people who love me
Celebrate with the ones who truly know me
Celebrate all I have accomplished these 67 years
Celebrate the time in my life where decisions are mine
Celebrate the calm after the storm
Celebrate the promises of the years ahead

“After all, tomorrow is another day.”
Tomorrow will be the start of a new year in my life.
Tomorrow will be blessed because a loved one left the hospital today.
Tomorrow will be joyful because there are no expectations
Tomorrow will be peaceful because my home is a place of calm
Tomorrow will be without temptation of chocolate cake 
Tomorrow will be delightful when I wake without as much pain
Tomorrow will be happy because I shall read a ton of blogs, filling up my heart

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