Truthful Tuesday

Frank from PCGUY has provided us with a few questions. It is the opposite of Fibbing Friday because we must tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Truthful Tuesday

1) What pop culture phenomenon have you bought into? I am fine telling the truth that I am hooked on the Harry Potter series.

2) Were you hooked right away, or did it grow on you over time? I was hooked right away.

3) Did you initially get into it because it seemed interesting to you, or did someone recommend it? I was still teaching when the first book came out. The school began every day with a reading period. One of my students was reading the book and recommended it to me. I bought the book and loved it. In fact I was so impressed that we went to a bookstore at midnight to buy one of the books the moment it came out. The later books were purchased pre-pub on Amazon. 

4) Was it just a passing fancy, or are you still a fan? I am still a fan. When the craze was still in full swing I often found used copies at a local thrift store. I purchased multiple copies at 3 to 5 dollars each. I donated them to the school library because the librarian had such a long waiting list. It was fun to talk the talk with my students. The movies were not as good as the books (no surprise) but they were mostly well done.


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