Share Your World – 5/10

Melanie is the host for Share Your World. The questions today seem very deep to me. 

1) What do you believe but cannot prove?  I believe I am an empath.

2) Do animals have morals?   Exclude human beings from the equation please.  I believe animals have emotions but I am unsure is morality is part of their make-up.

3) Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance? Nature has its own order and man adds chaos

4) Where is your least favorite place in the world? A dark cave because I am highly claustrophobic 

GRATITUDE SECTION (Participation Always Optional)  Feel free to share something about the seasons that makes you smile!
Mother’s day is a difficult day for me since my mom’s passing. Yesterday my grandson surprised me with flowers and a card. I smiled from ear to ear.

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  1. Thank you Lauren for Sharing Your World! What a beautiful bouquet! I love sunflowers! Your grandson is a fine young man and obviously loves you lots! That’s wonderful! Great answers to the questions too! Have a splendid week! ☺

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