A Sweet Memory

I was sharing a sweet memory today with my dear friend. We were talking about things we did with our families. As a child, we had very little money. Occasionally, as a special treat, we would go to a drive in movie. I thought it was so wonderful to see movies on the giant screen.
They charged by the car load and we brought our own goodies. My mom would make a large batch of freshly popped popcorn. It filled a big brown grocery bag.  She also made a large pitcher of Kool-Aid as our beverage.

Back then, in the olden days, they would show two or three cartoons followed by two movies. We always went in our PJs because we were typically unable to stay awake through both shows. 

There were playgrounds in front of the big screen. Lots of kids in PJs would be playing until it got dark and the cartoons started. We went back to our car and Mom passed out the refreshments. We stayed awake for the cartoons every time. Most of the time we made it through the first movie. 

I remember taking my children to the drive in for the same reasons I had gone. My daughters were in PJs. The experience was so similar to my childhood. We did bring our own candy and soda. My girls loved the outings just as much as I did.

Thank you Di for the synchronicity of your prompt with my conversation today.

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  1. What a wonderful memory. Where was this? I grew up in a small town in South Dakota. We had one movie a week, shown on Saturday and Sunday night–the same movie. There was also a town 7 miles away that showed a different movie and one 23 miles away that showed movies on Monday night as well! There were weeks in the summer where we probably went to all three. It was the only diversion in town other than church and MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) and basketball and football games in the winter. Movies were a big deal, but I could count the number of drive-in movies I’ve been to on one hand as it was 60 miles to the closest drive-in. Your al fresco movies sound idyllic.

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  2. Nice to remember those days. We did the same thing here, with the pjs, the playground, the snacks brought from home .. all good. We do still have one drive in movie place here in town. I think it might have more than one screen, but we haven’t gone. Mostly because the shows don’t start until dark, and it’s too close to our bed time these days, haha! 🙂

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  3. Excellent memories Lauren. I too used to go to the Drive Ins with my parents and sister in Australia back in the 70’s.

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