May I /Can I In The Dating World

Sheryl has given us the word prompt may for the first day of May. My brain went here:

May I join you at the party?
Can I get there by foot?

May I ask you a question?
Can I understand the answer?

May I order for you?
Can you eat two desserts?
May I offer you a beer?
Can you drive after two drinks?
May I call you tomorrow?
Can you see yourself dating me?

May I take you away for the weekend?
Can you pack everything in one bag?
May I introduce you to my family?
Can you make it next weekend?
May I tell you my true feelings?
Can you meet me before midnight?
May I ask for your hand in marriage?
Can you plan everything in time?
May I invite my old girlfriend?
Can you give her a special seat near us?
May I ask your forgiveness for wanting her to come?
Can you give me some frozen peas for my eye?
May I remind you of the good times we had?
Can you see your way to still go through with the marriage?
May I have my ring back?
Can you stop throwing things at me?

As I wrote this in the middle of the night it was a stream of consciousness based on the Word of The Day. Then I saw the SoCS prompt after the fact. I think I’ll use it as a two for one.

Thank you Sadje for the suggestion.


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