SoCS – April 24 – Oop

Linda is the host of SoCS. her directions for Saturday’s blog prompt is : Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “oop.” Find a word with the “oop” sound in it and use it in your post. Enjoy
It’s very late and I will admit that I have read a few other bloggers’ posts. My brain went a little different way though.

The last couple of days I spent too much time on reading blogs and not enough on writing. OOPS

I’ve spent too much time working in the yard and ending up hurting my back again. OOPS

I forgot I had a ton of  spaghetti sauce in the freezer and  made more yesterday. OOPS 

I thought I had paid all my bills and made a trip to the post office to send them off. When I returned home there was a trash bill in the mail. Now I have to go out again. OOPS

I have been getting tons of robo calls again lately. I just block them after hanging up on them. Someone told me they tried to get a hold of me and couldn’t. OOPS (leave a darn message then)

I did not put on orthopedic shoes when working outside and my feet are killing me. OOPS 

I didn’t drink water while I was working outside and now my throat is aching. OOPS   

I started two blogs last night and never finished them because I got too tired. OOPS 

I took my meds, my eyes are burning and I need to try and sleep. I will post this before falling asleep. No OOPS.


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