Rory’s Blog Questions

Rory brings us Series 3 – Game 2 – 2021. We are to answer the questions which is a great way to communicate with the blogging world.

1) As a blogger how important to you is creativity in your blog? IMHO all blogs are creative. I enjoy writing from the word prompts, flash fiction, picture prompts, as well as telling about my life. When something in the world effects me, I often feel the need to write about it. Even that is creative because we all have a different voice.

2) If you could describe your blog in one sentence only – what would you write?’ It’s my time to use my voice creatively.

3) With the content you produce for your blog are there topics, genres of styles which are favored more by your readership audience than others and if so, with everything you do produce what are your top 3? I don’t check stats so to be honest I have no idea what my readers like the most. I love it when there are likes and encouraging comments, of course. I have never examined the genres to see what readers prefer.

4) Which is your preferred reading in the main – books, blogs or other and what genre? Pre- pandemic, I loved to read books. I typically read spiritual books, motivational books, and fiction. Now I read blogs by the hours. Many that I follow write multiple posts a day. So, on a good day I read at least 50 posts. Thank goodness I don’t write that many, LOL


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