Blogging Insights – My Experience

Dr. Tanya asks a variety of questions on her Blogging Insights series. Sometimes, when you read a great blogger’s response, you wonder if you need write your own. I read Fandango’s post and other than the experience he has had on different blogging sites (which I do not have) I agree with all he stated.

Today Dr. Tanya asks:  “What has your blogging experience taught you?”

I began blogging because of a challenge given in a writing class three years ago. It was also recommended as a pathway to recovery from PTSD caused by a loved one. For a year, I wrote about things I was grateful for. Blogging became an important part of my recovery.

I assumed I was strictly writing for myself. I did not understand the community aspect of blogging. I learned, slowly, that the more you read other blogs, the closer you feel to the writers.  I now spend hours reading other blogs. I enjoy it as much as I do writing my own. 

These three years blogging have been very enjoyable. I have learned, with the aid of others, so many things about how to blog. I enjoy responding to prompts, questions, and pictures. I have learned that the challenge of writing multiple prompts in one blog post is fun to do.  I enjoy taking what is going on in my life ,while using prompts, to create what I hope is an interesting read.   

I have learned to appreciate writing flash fiction. It feels less like an assignment and more like a fun task. Sometimes there are word limits, sometimes time limits, and sometimes topic restrictions. All of these have made me grow as a writer.

I have learned it is OK to dip my toe into new types of poetry. I was shut down by bio-dad while in high school. He told me poetry was a waste of time. I read many wonderful poets in the blogging world. At first, I was intimidated by the high quality of their posts. I have learned that I am writing for myself. So if I like it, that’s all that matters. 

My blogging experience this past year has been a life saver. While confined to my house I can slip away anytime I want to visit with others. As long as I have my laptop, I am free from the feeling of total isolation.

My blogging experience has taught me that being a member of this wonderful community is a gift I don’t ever want to give up.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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