5 Things Tuesday – April 20

Dr. Tanya is the host of Five Things Tuesday. Her post today said: Although it cannot take the place of fresh food, you can’t beat tinned food for convenience. Requiring no special storage conditions and taking up very little storage space, canned food can be a lifesaver.
Today I ask you to name 5 favorites. These can be ready to eat or ingredients for your recipes.”

My first favorite canned food has got to be artichoke hearts. I have been using them more and more in my cooking. To get that many artichoke hearts from fresh artichokes would be very difficult.

My second favorite canned food would be reduced fat corned beef hash. It is good to have in the cupboard when the urge for hash and fried eggs comes calling.

My third favorite canned food would be canned peaches. I am allergic to the fuzz on peaches so canned or jarred are my only options.

My fourth favorite canned food would be olives. In my humble opinion olives go with everything. As a teen I would babysit for cans of olives. Mine, All Mine.

My fifth favorite canned food would have to be tomato paste/sauce. It is is a staple in my pantry. I can start my spaghetti sauce with tomato sauce, add some artichoke hearts, olives, garlic, and seasonings. Simmer all day long while the aromas waft through the house.


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