Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed Cousins

Becky is our host for her BrightSquare challenge. Each day more and more talented people respond to her task of posting squares that depict the term BRIGHT. Take a look at some of the wonderful entries.

While perusing my old photos I came across some bittersweet shots.  My eldest grandchild was finally released from the hospital. We were all overjoyed. We celebrated by taking the three Zs and R to a park in the nearby mountains. My two youngest grandkids had such a fun time running around and playing on the different non-standard equipment.

14 thoughts on “Bright Eyed And Bushy Tailed Cousins

    1. We were told Z1 would have a lifelong severe heart condition that would severely impact his life. A short while later with a world renowned medical expert my daughter discovered that the doctors misdiagnosed and mistreated him. Thankfully, his heart is fine.

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      1. It occurred in what is considered to be a state of the art hospital. They almost killed my grandson with their “treatment” for a disease he did not have. My daughter did tons of research and found THE expert on the condition who met with my daughter, called the hospital, in her presence, and chewed them out. She could have sued but did not want to put him through that. Happily, his heart is fine.

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