BrightSquare – My Very Bright Students

Becky is the host of the wonderful BrightSquare prompt. The prompt for the entire month of April is Bright. Becky’s strict requirement is that your photo be in the shape of a square. There are many wonderful squares added  daily.  Take some time and drop by her site to see the squares. 

I miss only one thing from my long teaching career, the wonderful bright kids. We did so many activities and labs my room looked like an explosion of science fun.  This is my classroom from a few years ago. Not the best quality photo, but my joyful memories none the less..

The more we do labs
Opportunities to shine
Enjoying learning


15 thoughts on “BrightSquare – My Very Bright Students

  1. Thank you for yet another fabulous squares intro, and what a wonderful square. Kinds learning and having fun with science must be one of the best things ever

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  2. I loved teaching science, too. We raised silk worms and guinea pigs, charted the playground for bugs, collected and studied rocks, made sedimentary rock cookies. I loved the program Project Learning Tree and the Aims Math/Science Programs. I also had the privilege of going through a course put on by the Lawrence Hall of Science out of San Jose. Those three teacher trainings made the difference in my fourth grade class. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and love of teaching. Teachers have struggled this year to make learning fun.

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    1. I am grateful I retired after 35 years. It has been very tough for teachers indeed. Aims was great for elementary school when I took the training. When I moved to middle school, I was thrilled I could still adapt some of the lessons. Thanks for commenting.

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