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Linda continues to keep us engaged in her blogging prompts even as she has her hands and heart full. 

Whatever the word “difference” conjures first in your mind, write about it. Enjoy!

My brain when to the song : What a Difference A Day Makes
Sometimes a day can make a life altering difference. Sometimes the difference is just something to deal with.

My desire to make a list kicked in. This might be very short, or very fragmented. I am not sure yet.

1) the morning of your wedding and the next day glowing from your new role in life
2) the last minutes before the birth of  child and the next day floating on air while holding a new life
3) the evening cramming for a test and the next day after taking it knowing you killed it
4) the signing of the loan papers for your new house and the next day entering the house with your new keys knowing it is your home
5) picking out your new pet and the next day realizing you have already fallen in love with it
6) finishing an amazing book and the next day writing a review explaining how wonderful it made you feel
7) entering the OR and the next day being grateful for having survived the surgery
8) purchasing a new car and the next day staring at it in your driveway knowing you will have many adventures to come
9) holding the hand of a loved one when they pass and the next day dealing with the fact that they will never be in this realm again
10) sitting in a hospital room while your grandchild is on oxygen and the next day the relief when they are able to breath on their own
11) binge watching a series for 10 hours and the remorse the next day for getting nothing done
12) going to an all-you-can eat buffet and the inability to fit into your pants the nest day
13) setting up a tent in the backyard and  the next day having your grandkids thanking you for a wonderful fun night

14) going out on a date and the next day wondering what you were thinking
15)  enjoying hosting a  holiday with family and the next day singing to yourself as you relive the memories while you clean up
16) getting a new computer and the next day realizing you have no idea about how to use it even after reading the entire manual
17) tasting an amazing new dish on an evening dinner out and finding the exact recipe the next day online
18) finishing a creative act and the next day enjoying your own talents
19) finishing all your cleaning chores and the next day knowing you can put your feet up and enjoy the fruits of your labor
20) dropping your car off at the mechanic and the joy the next day of finding out you only need a battery

Many times a day can make a huge difference.



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