Bright Squares – Family Ties

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 Two years ago, I had been housebound with a terribly painful flare. As soon as I felt some remission, I wanted to see my aunt. Her assisted living home was evacuated because of the fires in their area. We decided to try and find where she was staying. It was quite frightening because no one seemed to know where she was. We visited multiple hotels where we were told the residents had been taken. Once we finally found her, hours later, we were overjoyed. She was shocked to see me because she knew of the pain I had been in. She brightened up so much when she saw us.
I foolishly forget to wear a dress with sleeves. My shoulders were exposed. She was shocked because I got my first tattoo for my 65th birthday and my second a month later for my retirement. She handled it well, but was not too happy about it.

I shocked my dear aunt
An unexpected surprise
A joyful visit

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