The Holiday Armadillo

The Zs celebrate Easter with their parents. When they were little, I hid eggs and gave them animal shaped baskets.  Now that they are older, I still want to indulge in my Nana joy of giving them gifts.  Last year, I sent them some Amazon items for Spring/Passover/Easter.

This year I wanted to show up in person. I needed my hugs.  I didn’t call in advance because I had no idea how long it would take to get there. It was a three hour drive today.  Traffic made the trip twice as long as it should have been. My body was not happy, but my heart sure was.

On the way, I checked in with my cousin to see how she was doing post her J&J vaccination yesterday. Happily, she is great. She commented that she hoped I had fun being the Passover Easter bunny. I literally laughed out loud. Then my mind went to the scene in Friends where Ross was the holiday armadillo to teach his son about Hanukkah. Maybe we WERE holiday armadillos delivering our spring gift bags. 

I called my daughter when we were exiting the freeway.  Happily two of the three Zs were home. We brought Annie with us so the kids could see her and play with her. Licks and kisses were exchanged.

We gave Z2 and Z3 their gift bags. Along with assorted candy, the required chocolate bunny, and Jelly Bellies, each received a gift. Z2 a liked her gallon of clear Elmer’s glue and Z3 was happy with his Lego cars. I checked in with both to make sure they were still interested in making slime and building Legos, respectively.   

While we were visiting outside  Zdrove up and gave us a quick hello. I told him his gift bag was in the house. He retrieved it and came to the door with a mouth full of candy and a “thank you.” He picked up a few items then bolted to his car. Oy vey, 17-year-olds. 

After hugs were shared, catching up was completed, and more hugs, we returned to the world of crazy traffic. It was worth every minute of it to see my grandkids.

Perhaps from now on, I shall consider myself the Passover armadillo delivering gifts at the end of Passover.

Why not?

9 years ago. Where does the time go?





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      1. It seems that when they grow up, they get a bit distant from us, no longer the age we could pick them up and hug them hard. But it’s lovely to see the people they are turning into. 😍

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