The Error Of His Ways

Frederick believed that being the heir of the former conductor meant he could err without reprisal. Even knowing that it would make him late, he still chose to stop and buy himself a gift. He carefully tucked his new sheet music under his coat as he rushed through the back door.

Everyone else knew they needed to strive to always do their best. But not Frederick. He did whatever he wanted. He unobtrusively went to his designated spot in the orchestra. Once he placed the base of the double bass in its correct position be picked up his bow.

The new conductor quickly marched over to Frederick. Using his deep, stern voice he requested Frederick to please edify him with an explanation as to why he did not feel the need to be punctual.  

Frederick was dumbfounded by the unexpected confrontation. He wondered if the conductor knew exactly who he was. But before he could ask the conductor, he was instructed to pick up his instrument and permanently leave the premises.

 Three Things Challenge tucked-  buy – rush
Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie err –  heirbase –  bass
Daily Word Prompt  strive
Your Daily Word Prompt edify

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