Fibbing Friday – April 2

Thanks Melanie for the adorable character. 

I am hoping to finish before midnight so I won’t need to bib about it being Friday.

Frank is the host for our fibs today. Our job is to fib to our heart’s content.



  1. Why is April Fool’s Day on April 1st? Because the last of the Guinness had to be finished by the last day in March
  2. According to the old adage, exactly what do April showers bring? Slugs covering all the sidewalks
  3. What is a Haiku? The noise made by a stoner when he sneezes
  4. How did the tradition of hiding eggs on Easter begin? It began when the bunny stole the eggs from the chickens and claimed them as his own
  5. Why is it a tradition to serve lamb on Easter? No idea. Maybe because it is the other white meat?
  6. Why is the season between winter and summer called spring? Because the weather keeps springing back and forth between temperatures
  7. Since March just recently ended, what is meant by the old adage, “In like a lion, out like a lamb”? you start out brave and end up a mere follower
  8. What is meant by the phrase, “trial by fire”? This was another trail done to supposed witches. If you were set on fire and did not burn you were a witch. If you were set on fire and did burn you were not a witch.

9. What is the difference between fact and theory? Anthony Fauci vs conspiracy theories

10. What is a postulate? A large pimple on your tuchus

9 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – April 2

  1. Hilarious answers Lauren, and I’m glad you liked my Pinocchio. That character has a vast wardrobe now, suitable to most occasions! Feel free to use him anytime! 😉 Probably #3 was my favorite and the one about the Easter bunny stealing eggs. Hahahahha!!!! They were all great!

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