I’m Tired of Holding My Tongue

It’s time for a change to happen in some of my personal relationships. I am more than tired of biting my tongue. I no longer want to deal with the  innuendoes. The problem is causing me much unwanted grief. It has gone on for too long now.

I have a wonderfully varied group of family and friends. I accept them for who they are. I expect them to accept me and my own beliefs in return. I have ties with people who are atheists, agnostics, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, Christians, spiritual non-affiliated, etc. It matters not to me, what faith or lack there of anyone has. It just matters that people are kind, caring, and accepting of everyone while causing no harm.

Last evening, in a fake overture of extending a kind remark, someone was cruelly degrading my beliefs. I immediately balked at what they said. I could hear their smug sense of superiority.   Before the situation became volatile, I ended the conversation. I would never tell someone they were practicing their beliefs in an inaccurate way. I would never tell someone they should do what I do or believe what I believe. So why do some people feel it is OK to chastise me for how I practice my beliefs?

Maybe if I were one who believed in retribution, I could hit them on the head with a balloon full of water. It might wake them to the fact that they were hurting my feelings. If I believed for one minute that it would be an effective way to stop the comments, I would seriously consider it.

I’ve reached the end of the road accepting other people’s condemnations. I want to replace my angst with calm. I need an instant retort that is not unkind but gets my point across.

Perhaps a simple, “You are certainly entitled to your opinion.”

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15 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Holding My Tongue

  1. The thing that gets me about this, I don’t give a hoot what people *believe*, it’s what they *do* that matters. If your situation is real, walk away. Don’t give these people an ounce of your time even if it is to come up with some witty put-down.

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  2. I have learned that without engagement, those Negative Nellies will starve themselves into oblivion. When a friendship or relationship becomes unhealthy for one party, it is time to focus on self care. Our bodies tell us what feels unhealthy. It is up to us to listen. I am sorry you had such an experience. Who are any of us to negate the beliefs of others?

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