My Happy Decision – Passover Eve


Wednesday, I made the decision to have a Seder, Saturday night. I knew I needed to give myself time even if it was just for two. I cannot make a Seder happen in one day. I felt the need to connect to my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and mother no longer here in this realm.

(Disclaimer) Please understand, I consider myself a cultural Jew. I create my holidays based on what I experienced as a child and an adult with my paternal family. I also do what I believe brings me closer to G-d. I am in no way knowledgeable enough to tell anyone how to celebrate. I do what is right for me.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday cleaning my house. That is part of my routine. Every room had to be vacuumed and dusted. All the beds needed fresh linens. Pillows took a tumble in the dryer to lose any dust or debris.

Thursday was spent shopping for specific items needed for the Seder. There are few Jews in this area, which means slim pickings, especially this late in the game. The store had multiple single boxes of gluten free matzah and one five-pack box of regular matzah. I had no choice but to buy the five pack. (Oy vey are we going to be eating matzah for a long time.)

After locating the necessary matzah, I was able to find what I needed for my Seder plate. As I stated, I do what feels right for me, which isn’t always typical for everyone else. I found some lovely parsley (the karpas), romaine lettuce (maror), a beet (instead of z’roa), carrot leaves (chazeret), and of course kosher grape juice.  I already had my eggs for the first coarse as well as the one to roast for the Seder plate. 

This morning I went to the store for a last-minute purchase for my charoset. I was dazzled at the lovely display of fresh flowers. Typically, my aunt and uncle would bring flowers when they came to Passover at my house. I felt happily compelled to buy some fresh flowers. It reminded me of my aunt and uncle and the love they brought into my life.

After returning home, I climbed into the attic to get down my Passover tubs. I decided to use my aunt’s Seder plate for the first time. I have three of my own because I have needed three tables worth of Seder plates in the past. I felt joy at the opportunity to use her special items. I went through all the tubs and organized my treasures. I did not feel the need to display the plagues this year as there are no little ones joining us. I set my table and double checked that I had all the ingredients needed for my Seder tomorrow. I washed Elijah’s cup and Miriam’s cup to be filled tomorrow with grape juice and water, respectively. 

We will be using the 30 Minute Seder Haggadah again this year. We’ve never made it through in 30 minutes, but with little ones in the past, it was a better way to go.

I think I am ready for tomorrow. I have all the items for the Seder plate:
including an orange: The orange represents the fruitfulness for all Jews when marginalized Jews, particularly women and gay people, are allowed to become active and contribute to the Jewish community. 
Hard boiled eggs (to be served as the first course)
Matzoh ball soup (to be served as the second course)
Gefilte fish (to be served as the third course)
Brisket with Potatoes (to be made and served tomorrow as the main course)
Fresh raw veggies: baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, olives, English cucumbers, celery

If I have the energy tomorrow, I might make my matzah brittle. The problem with that is that it makes a lot, and I can’t give it to my staff as a gift this year. Neither of us needs the yummy chocolate matzo dessert.


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  1. Your table is lovely, Lauren. I love the flowers and the connection they give you. May you and your family be blessed in celebrating your heritage. Happy Pesach.

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  2. Happy Passover Lauren. What a beautiful table!
    Holidays are hard fir me because I cannot be with my family and there really are no friends here who celebrate. I will rely on memories.

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