Fibbing Friday – March 26


It’s Di’s turn for Fibbing FridayDi says, “The challenge is, if you did not know they were canines, how would you define or describe each of them?”

1. What is a huskador? A very large door for Hagrid.
2. What is a cavapoo? The lavatory where the Hogwarts kids used the toilet in the Crystal Cave
3. What is a chorkie? A New Yorker  choking on a cookie
4. What is a lollie? A person who is so lazy that they get a job in a mattress factory and falls asleep on the job
5. What is a dorkie? a very small immature dad
6. What is a springador? a door wide enough for a pogo stick to go through
7. What is a scottie? the last piece of tape on a tiny roll
8. What is a puggle? any puppy owned by a muggle
9. What is a pekalier a small kiss stolen by a flasher
10. What is a schnappy? how you feel after you had too much  schnapps


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