SoCS March 20 – “cal”

Linda brings us our Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. The prompt  is “starts with cal.” Use a word starting with the letters “cal” as your prompt word.

My first thought when I saw the prompt was calories. I had decided to wait until Saturday, my time, which is is right now. It is 1 AM and I am awake and in the mood to blog, so here goes. 

I read another blogger who wrote so eloquently about calories. My train of thought was so very different, I decided to still go with my first idea. 

I first became concerned with the calories in foods when I was in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. I had always been a stick thin girl, but I was seriously underweight during recovery. I spent a month at the hospital in isolation after my second surgery to clean out the infection. I was exhausted all the time. I was told repeatedly by the nurses that I needed to consume more calories. Once I was no longer on IVs, every night before the kitchen closed at 10 PM I was told I needed to have a dessert.

The nurse on duty would bring me a hot fudge sundae to tempt me to eat. In the beginning I could barely eat a bite or two. I knew I was supposed to eat, but I had no appetite. Before all this happened, I was a big eater, just like my brothers. In my mind, calories were just another medication they wanted me to take. I was unable to swallow pills so the nurses would either give me liquid medicine or open up capsules and put the medicine in a small amount of chocolate pudding.   

They were trying to be helpful, but I was learning to dislike chocolate for the first time in my life. I remember vividly, every hour, on the hour, I was given food to eat. Most of the time it seemed like a punishment. The word calories had a negative meaning to me. I did not want to eat nor did I want to be told I had to eat or I would not be released from the hospital. 

By the time I was sent home I had gained a little weight but my mother was instructed to try and make me eat every hour I was awake. After another month at home I had gained a few pounds. I was 5 foot 4 and weighed 85 pounds. I looked like a skeleton for sure. Food was not my friend for the first time.   

Oh, to be told I need to consume more calories now. That time has passed. Calories are not my friend because they are a permanent fixture adding more curves than necessary. 


13 thoughts on “SoCS March 20 – “cal”

  1. I kinda think that there are two bounds, both of which are governed by medical safety. As in dangerously underweight or dangerously overweight. Within those bounds, anything goes.
    Curves, or lack of, are maybe important in that short period when we are looking for a partner, but beyond that then mean nothing.

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  2. Calories were not an issue for me until I got into my 40’s and age starting have its effect. I eat a fairly restricted diet now, partly due to necessity and partly due to need (to fit in my jeans). Sugar and carb calories are the worst for me, all the good things to eat!

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  3. Calories can be a pain either side of the diet can’t they. Hubby had to eat high calorie foods as he lost so much weight. Being on a liquid diet didn’t help, then he was prescribed high protein drinks and desserts, and that helped. Sadly I just have to look at something I shouldn’t have and I hear the calorific laughter as I feel the clothes tighten.

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