The Doomed Nuptials

Not another text message! I doubt this marriage will ever take place.

The soon to be MIL is doing her best to vilify the bride-to-be. She is spreading rumors faster than tRump tweets.

The bride is in tears because her parents gave her a shoestring budget and she tried her best to stay within its limits. She has spent more than double what was in the account and has no idea how she will pay for everything.

This latest development might just put a halt to the whole event. According to my text message, the groom is passed out in a hotel room in Vegas. There is a nasty storm brewing and it doesn’t look like he’ll make it back in time for the rehearsal dinner tonight.

If I keep this text a secret, I can make a bundle betting on the odds of the wedding never happening. 

Written for: Three things Challenge: marriage/string/development
FOWC: vilify
The Daily Spur: tears
Ragtag Daily Prompt: storm





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