A Visit to The Tax Man

Yesterday was my visit to the tax man.
I was not happy, but I had a plan.
I attempted to have a positive outlook.
I respect this man, as he goes by the book.
I ambled into his office all prim and proper
Knowing full well, I might leave a pauper.
My yearly anguish on this day
Means it’s all business with no room to play.
I followed directions and was properly masked.
I hoped I brought everything, just like he asked.
He needed some papers I could not find.
With gratitude, I found what I needed before losing my mind.
I worried I might jinx it if I asked too soon,
Was the news so bad, it would ruin my afternoon?
My volatile mood went with me as I departed.
My day was ruined, before it barely started.
I have until April 15th to come up with the dough.
To say I was miserable would be most apropos.

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11 thoughts on “A Visit to The Tax Man

  1. Ouch! After all the government’s done to us they should be paying us the bloody taxes. I hope you can sort it okay.

    On the plus side, this is a great poem, so well done for that!

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