Was I The Last One To Watch This?

I am pretty sure I am the last one to see the  Oprah Interview (click to watch)with Meghan and Harry. I had no plans to watch it. I am one of those people who is not a crazy fan of stars, actors, or athletes. I find myself much more impressed with musicians and artists.  I am so far detached from the Queen of England and all the awful tabloid articles that that encompasses, that I didn’t think it necessary to watch. 

Many people are talking about the interview and I was terribly uninformed. I assumed it was pretty people complaining about unimportant issues I would never understand. Boy was I wrong.   

The interview was heart wrenching. From my point of view, Meghan and Harry were betrayed by the people who should have been protecting them. To have your child denied its birthright because of its potential color is disgusting. To feel so distraught that you are contemplating suicide and be told you cannot get help is unforgivable. The unnecessary strife they were dragged through is maddening. To have to exit the country you love, to lose your family, and to be repeatedly lied about and still leave proves how hard they had it.

I am grateful that I watched the interview. I now see this situation as complicated, tragic, and sad.  To hear Prince Harry say that they would not have left at all if they were supported, is agonizing. My take-away is that because of race, the royals doomed Harry and Meghan from the start. That makes me furious.   

I realize I am merely one American, reacting to one interview. But, hearing from the source, instead of the he-said she-said, was eye opening.




16 thoughts on “Was I The Last One To Watch This?

  1. No, you’re not last Lauren, I haven’t seen that, and I don’t plan to. I asked about it yesterday in a post though. I have heard two versions of the issue, one on the other side of the pond, and one on this one. It’s truly sobering that nationality influences one’s opinion.

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  2. I have only watched snippets, so I am reserving judgement. I will say what I have heard rings of truth. I have lost at least 10 friends/family to suicide. I have seen the effect of prejudice within my own close-knit circle and what she has said is believable. I went back and watched some videos with Diana and Fergie to get further insight. Money and position do not make humans better people. They are just simply people after all, with the same faults as the rest of humanity. We certainly witnessed that in our own country.

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  3. I have no intention of watching the interview but the media is ramming it all down our throats. I have a lot of respect for our Queen, but no sympathy for H and MM. I can only go by what I’ve read since they got together, and at first I quite liked her, but not now.
    We are all entitled to our opinion. As for Archie not having a title? He has the right to use one of his father lesser titles and could become The Earl of Dumbarton, but his parents decided against it.
    source https://www.biography.com/royalty/archie-harrison-mountbatten-windsor

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  4. I have not watched the interview Lauren. Archie , like royal children of the second son son of a prince will automatically become prince and the unborn child become a princess when Charles comes to the throne… So “he’s not got a title” is a red herring.
    As for the mental , depression issues for Meghan. Harry suffered from these issues and worked for charities for just such things…why did he not pick up the phone and get his wife help…it would of been simple?
    Harry and Meghan left because they chose to the Queen bent over backwards to help them.
    I will say no more though there is more I could say. Meghan is a good actress…Harry is no Saint.
    I hope I have not upset you but it’s not fair to let them hoodwink the media .💜

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      1. It is very complex, there are so many discrepancy. I also noticed there was little mention of Meghan being a bully and lots of her staff left. I feel sorry for the queen, trouble with Andrew, Prince Philip being seriously ill in hospital and now all this ….Sheesh families. 💜💜

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  5. I’ll not watch it. I am not a royalist under any circumstances – like many others in my position, l too have seen snippets – but l am biased and cynical to it all. it strikes me as a huge stage show and l fear and feel money is at the end of it all. But of course, l am merely one opinion. The end of the day there are more important things to worry about than two people who do have so much more than they maintain harping on about how unhappy they are in the world. Remember they ‘shunned’ a way of life to avoid the media and yet …but there are always two sides to a coin – always.

    By the way – wishing you a lovely Saturday.


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