The Not So Wonderful Vacation

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Oy vey, he did it again.
I hate to admit it, but my mashugana husband did it again.
He read some silly article about a free ski trip.
His pursuit of finding a great vacation spot was a total disaster.
My bubbe told him to take me away on a romantic holiday.
She thought we needed to add a little spark to our lives.
He tried, but didn’t read the fine print.
It stated we would have to endure a two-hour time share spiel.
He neglected to inform me that no one under the age of 15 was allowed entrance.
He assumed that if the kids were too tiny they might bounce off the chair lift.
You know what they say when you assume something.
That should have been his first clue that this deal was a sham.
I will concede that the exterior was pristine and beautiful.
But when we asked about amenities we realized there was bupkes.
I have made the unilateral decision, that I shall plan all future vacations.

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