What Do You See # 72 – I Did It!


Image credit; Jayson Hinrichsen @ Unsplash  ( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a young woman in a pensive mood standing outside a storefront. The glass behind her is reflecting a neon sign)

Sadje’s What Do You See? prompt for today is a little dark to me. I shall write a bit of fiction to go with the image.




I did
I did it
I left the jerk
He can’t hurt me anymore
I won’t tolerate his abuse again
I am no longer under his spell
His never ending lies seemed like truth
I really deserve so much better than that
Why did I accept the abuse for so long
I finally woke up when the pain was too much
I will wait here for my rescuer to come for me
My best friend is coming to get me away from this nightmare
I know I can be happy once again with her help
She will take me far away for my own safety
He must not find out where I am located
I must begin a new life without pain
I deserve to be treated with kindness
I want to wake up happy
I need to be calm now
I hope for peace
I am good
I am


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