Be Swift or Lose Your Chance

Written for Sarah’s dVerse quadrille challenge. The word prompt is swift.

A Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words excluding the title.




awake before the sunrise
log in to the website
swiftly enter your particulars
if the powers that be
are on your side
you will achieve your objective
your mission
to join the immunized
will be completed
now you can safely
hug your loved ones


18 thoughts on “Be Swift or Lose Your Chance

    1. David, I happily have had both my shots with no side effects. My family get theirs Wednesday and Friday. Teachers and a nurse allow them to get theirs now.

      I am doing well. We might actually get some rain tomorrow which is joyful to our drought laden state.

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        1. I read a lovely article last week about a 15 year old teen who had helped 150 senior citizens get their appointments because they weren’t computer savvy and couldn’t book their appointments. It made me so happy.


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