SoCS – March 6 – Butter

Linda gives us the prompt, butter today. I have read some entries from other bloggers and decided I had to join in. 





My first thought was the song we taught the girls when I was a Brownie leader many moons ago. It was a silly song and they loved it. 

Then my brain went to the times parents would try to butter up a teacher to get their students a better grade on an assignment. I was so grateful for having clear rubrics that were not subjective.   

Next, I thought of how teaching was the career I loved, but it was also my bread and butter. The job meant I was able to move from a life of poverty to being able to take care of my family.  

I have very fond memories of being a kid making popcorn in a large pot. The best part was pouring hot butter on the popcorn once it was done. Yummy, yummy goodness. 

I don’t use margarine anymore, I stick with butter. But I try to not overdue it. 

I will admit to using a lot of butter when I indulge in artichokes. I do not eat mayo so garlic butter is my go to.   

Oh boy, now I am in the mood for a late night snack of oatmeal with a little pat of butter.


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