Tanka Tuesday Meets Three Things Challenge

Colleen’s Poetry challenge allows the Poet’s Choice on the first Tuesday of the month. I haven’t written a Tanka before, so I hope I did it right. 

Cringing at the news
Going to the hospital
Afraid of the truth
A reaction of anger
Don’t want to do this again

Thank you  Di  for the words today. CAPABLE  CRINGE  REACTION



8 thoughts on “Tanka Tuesday Meets Three Things Challenge

      1. I’m glad. We all go through periods of extreme sadness and hardship. Sometime it is hard for our friends to know that we are past it. Sometimes it’s hard to get past it. I tend to move slowly through sorrow even though I’m basically positive.

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      2. You are probably still not far enough from them. I look at my early poetry and it feels so long ago that it could have been someone else. I don’t feel the pain, but I know it was there.

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