Working Your Body – Rory’s Questions

Rory’s questions today are related to physical and mental well-being. 

How is your physical and mental health overall? My mental health is pretty good considering what is going on in the world. I work daily on focusing on gratitude. I am aware of my circle of influence, which keeps me as detached as possible from many dramas. My physical overall health is a work  in progress, more due to body ailments than lack of effort.

What is your current level of exercise or activity like today? Every day that my body lets me, I do physical exercise either in my house or in my gardens. I tend to overdo more than underdo lately. Because of my foot disability, long walks left my life 20 years ago. I miss that the most.

Were you one for leading an active and physically active lifestyle before today – when younger as an example? Other than long walks, I never had time in younger years for much exercise. I was a workaholic when teaching. I tried the whole gym scene for a long time, but it wasn’t ever a fit for me.

Have you found that your exercise has been hindered or enhanced with the arrival of the pandemic? More than the pandemic, retirement has given me more good days than bad. Every morning I wake up and assess what pain level I am in. Then I do what I can for the day. Or, overdo what I can. I can honestly say I have been having more good days than bad lately. 

How do you motivate your enthusiasm today? If you mean motivate my enthusiasm for getting physical, it is a matter of knowing to take advantage of good days. I realize it is better for my OA and RA to move my body. That in turn, makes me happy. It is a good circle. More movement with less pain, means more is done, which means I am happy. I need to take those days when they come.

Do you find that your emotions are harder to manage in the current situation with Covid or are you able to keep your mentality stable? Again, retirement has been more of a game changer than the pandemic. I am so very grateful that I have my gardens and my house projects to keep me busy. Keeping busy is good for my mental health. When my emotions are in need of attention, I have the advantage now, of not needing to focus on my career, in addition to whatever else is going on. 

What is your over all vitality like today? It depends on the day. But, for the most part, I am living a good life doing the best I can daily.

What is a typical week like for you with activity – your interpretation? On my good days (which lately there have been many) I overwork myself. This is not a good thing. I can work on my house for 5 to 8 hours without realizing it. I have painted the interiors of 5 rooms this pandemic year. I have redone 4 planters. I have donated, trashed, and gifted hundreds of items. My activity has meant a happier home, a lighter spirit, and a cleaner environment for me. 


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