Simply Six Minutes – A Tall Tale

Christine Bialczak is the host of Simply Six Minutes.

Look mom, I couldn’t help myself. I was running through the corn field in Farmer Bill’s back lot. I saw the most amazing ears of corn. They were thiiiiiiiis big. I had to nibble on just one, then another, then a third.

How was I to know that that old coot had a shotgun? My empty tummy needed filling and my head wasn’t thinking straight. I saw him coming nearer. I had to go back and get myself at least one more of those yellow treats. I have never seen such a field of golden goodness.

So, just to let you know, I kind of forgot that my little brother was following me. I am not too sure if he made it out alive. That farmer has it out for us. He thinks we are pests. He doesn’t get that we like the corn as much as he does. So if little Joe doesn’t come home tonight as least you know he had a belly full of giant ears of corn before it was full of lead.

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